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Текст баттла Dizaster vs Oxxxymiron King of the Dot

Transcribing’s in process!

[Round 1: Dizaster]

Всем привет
1,2,3,4,5… God, fucking, damn!
You got a humongous fam’
That ain’t no support group, that’s the fucking clan

Most Americans puzzled
How we’re making a fuss over a single Russian man
But me on the other hand
I’m someone who studied culture, so I understand why he has a ton of fans

Cause if you see how Soviet Union used to be structured
And how they broke it up into a dozen lands
You will know it’s only right someone from Russia would come with a bunch of Stans
God fucking damn!

There’s so many of y’all I can’t count
At first I was surprised cause y’all were so synchronized when you came out
Then I realized the obvious, y’all Communists
So you’re probably all living in the same house, but it’s false confidence

Everybody in this country knew I was gonna beat him
Even his own parents did when he went to see them
They gave him one last goodbye
They hugged him tight and they squeezed him

Then his dad looked over his mum and said:
«You know, this is probably last time we’re going to see him.»
[?] gassing him up
And put a battery in his back who started gassing up his engine

Trying to play me, like I’m the innocent victim
They said that Russians are sophisticated with all their intricate systems
That if I try, I would fail miserably against them
Are you fucking kidding me?! Look at me, do I look like Hillary Clinton?

Listen, bro, I got the spirit of Lincoln
The spirit of J.F. Kennedy before they killed him
But don’t get the shit twisted, I’m still a bigger dick than Richard Nixon
Swinging my dick while I’m bumpin Hulk Hogan’s intro music as I’m walking into the Kremlin

But I ain’t try to use this to start the World War II again
We’re [?] from that
We can use battle rap to diplomatically speak to these hooligans
Cause I’m actually cool with them

Yo, this is gonna be like Holy Communion for the Soviet Union
No, now we ain’t gonna viewed none cool, I’m just trying to do this interview with him
I heard Russia has 7 thousands nukes…
What you plan to do with them?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to be Putin’s friend
Cause I know if I ever had a chance to run for president, he gets to choose who wins
But if you think Imma stand up here and sell out my country for you
You must be stupid then

USA still number one, we’re singin the same old tune
Even though we ain’t got proper leadership, the people are stoned together so the show must resume
So I’m saying this right now, while the Canadians and the Russians are both in the room:
Y’all hear that? No, No, listen… You hear that? *silence*

That’s the sound of our country waiting for your country to get to the Moon
In the next ten years, we’ll start colonies on Mars, probably
And y’all feel time after time, and I feel the job’s costly
But maybe you’re in the wrong hobby

Constantly trying to re-emulate the space programme and greatness that you cannot copy
So excuse me, if I’m a little skeptical when a Russian says he gonna take off for me
Whether offense or recon
Same in battles, just space travels

We’ve always been the stars that you lean on
We’ve evolved, our technologies beyond
Y’all people buy E-ons
That’s why every time you’re in a space shuttle and something seems to be wrong

You have to pick up the phone and «I have to call a pilon»
I’m a walking phenom I told this bosnian-slash-slavic peon:
We can rock on beats on or go acapella
Since nobody here wants to hear your weak songs

It ain’t Russia, the hip-hop seems strong
But that’s cause your fanbase consists of underage pussies rocking their fist to the house music, rocking your mama’s jeans on
That’s where Oxxxymiron’s concerts look like little awkward teen proms
Listen, this ain’t no block for us to beef on

I’m trying to find the clean enough concrete street for me to stomp his teeth on
You can’t box with me, Oxxxy, dream on
I don’t know what type of hard narcotics you’d be on
But I’m not one for Oxxxy to sleep on

Bars like synthetic hair on, soon is the battles poppin
Even Brittany Murphy could comprehend the situation oxycontin
Yeah, that’s [?] I hit him with an axe and take off Oxxxy’s cold on
Did not from the octogon, or the boxing ring

Face me get washed in cream so that also mean I’m here Oxyclean

[Round 1: Oxxxymiron]

Вот скажи мне, американец, в чём сила?
You’re about to see a Russian air strike on Syrian rhymes
The inferior to amphibious Siberian tanks
You’re nothing but a civilian with silly old blanks

Who’s really up his own ass like Azealia Banks
Did I pronounce that right, or is my accent too thick?
I got a license to kill this Arab-American pig
You fucking arrogant prick thinking you better than this

But you never got big
That is why you battling, bitch
You’ve been rapping all your life, then you got no shows, Diz
And if that is not a punchline, I don’t know what it is

You know what rhymes with «Dizaster»?
I don’t know, putting featuring Eminem on your twitter name to get chicks faster?
How fucking corny was that? You must be horny as hell
How the fuck can you not get laid if you got photos with Drake?

And how the fuck are you still broke when you’re cosigned by the biggest?
You must’ve done too many drugs and couldn’t handle your penis
Man, I also used to do lines after having McGuinness
But I walked away from Vice like I’m Gavin McInnes

All you learned in life, is how to fight and rhyme insults
But you praise yourself online like you’re some high divine princess
«I’m inspiring the young» Whatch your lady die — quit this
All you do is battle guys for half the price of my slippers

But you know what? Fuck my album sales
And fuck my accolades and fuck every single fake fan for his lack of faith
I do bring in the numbers, you can’t relate
But that’s irrelevant, I’ll bury you in LA today, Habibi

You know, listen, listen, yo yo! It’s gonna get serious
It’s gonna get serious and I apologize in advance, I don’t [?]
You’re an American Muslim Arab, right?
Let me ask you something that’s simple, but so lethal:

How does it feel to hold up a flag that’s covered in blood of your own people?
2 millions Muslims or Arabs killed by the US in 15 years
Shit, who cares you still wrap the flag like Britney Spears
Everyone here seen the trailer, out your pen aside

For views’ sake, you shit on your parents genocide
You parasite, apple pie eating pancake type yankee dyke
Who measures dick’s height in Fahrenheit
Bare in mind, you’re traitor to your arab kind

I’ll digest this faggot’s hype like a phagocyte
Check it on Wikipedia, bro
This guy had a battle in Berlin against the guy called Tierstar
Who is both african and russian

So he did the same old racial shit instead of an intelligent discussion
«Your African side says I mis Big Poppa
Your Russian side says bring this vodka»


Ha-ha-ha, that was good


Bro, shut the fuck up!
Your American side is battling me now in LA
At the same time as GIs blow your cousins away
While your Arabic side is turning your brothers to hate

Rhinestone pics of [?] in the Guantanamo Bay
And I’m not paid by fucking Russia Today, Mr. Vladimir and FSB for sounding this way
I don’t like the Russian goverment, that’s powerplay
But it was coward USA that taught them how to behave

And bully States into appeasement
So fuck your home, Dizaster, fuck it’s role as the world policeman, cause all cops are bastards
Fuck your moral high ground of moron thugs
Fuck your own terra and fuck your own drugs!

Fuck McDonald’s and Disney, fuck American literature
Ben & Jerry, Tom and Jerry, Ford and Henry Kissinger
Fuck the Federal Reserve, cause they bury the poorest
And for Christ’s sake, fuck all the loud American tourists

And I know what he’s thinking:
«Aah, that’s not me, I’m not close-minded, I’ve travelled the world
I’m different, I’m so enlightened»
Well, you’re still American, right?

So you may not care, but you still carry the stereotype
You’re like a good cop: you’re still a cop, that’s dramma enough
What do we care, who bombs us: Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump?
You know you try to standartize the world to see it normalized

Why? Why don’t you stick inside, stay inside your turf and keep your globalized right
You wanna see my country burned? Wanna see it vulcanize?
Fine. The only shit you’ll see in return is more organized crime

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